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Remanufacturing Administrative Assistant


Duties and Responsibilities:

1.       Provides Remanufactured component sales assistance to dealers.

2.       Processes orders for Remanufactured component sales. Depending on work load these tasks can be done by the Administrative Assistant of Product Support.  This includes the following details:

a.       Obtaining the appropriate machine model, serial number and current hour meter reading from the inquiring dealer.

b.      Obtaining the nature of the failure information from the inquiring dealer and processing a FIR if DPSM has not already started one.

c.       Advising dealers of the correct part number of the component as well as estimated shipping schedule, suggested pricing information and basic warranty requirements followed by entering this information into our computer system.

d.      Processing of the RB component sale through our computer system including maintenance of log books and Excel sales data spreadsheets.

e.      Maintaining job folders in an organized fashion in the Remanufacturing office work in progress file.

f.        Receiving component cores in our computer system, log books, and Excel database spreadsheets. Processing core credits and core identification tags.

3.       Opens and closes Remanufacturing jobs.

4.       When parts shortages are identified, investigates the availability of substitute parts or the availability of needed parts from other cores pending rebuild.

5.       Monitors the pending arrival date of backordered parts to expedite job completion.

6.       Records outside service charges and material to jobs.

7.        Maintains serialized inventory control of all finished components.

8.        Determines the importance of Remanufacturing jobs and working with the RAM and sets priorities for outside contractors (Spartan).  Also provides needed materials for these jobs.

9.       Communicates with the RAM job assignments in order for the Shop Supervisor to assign the job to a technician.

10.   Creates and maintains planning Bills of Material to support parts forecasting.

11.   Maintain RB product list with S/N breaks and current pricing to be shared with other employees.