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Sales Support Analyst




Ø  General Job Skills:


o    Strong professional background in sales and marketing administration and project management

o    Advanced proficient skills in MS Office and aptitude to learn other software systems and applications.

·         Must have a high proficiency in Excel and Database Systems Analytics

o    Responsible for various weekly, monthly and quarterly reports including providing analytical assistance on Management projects and presentations and make recommendations.

o    Design and/or maintain a variety of management reports in support of the business unit. This includes but is not limited to: Product, Sales, and marketing program analysis

o    Must have a proven track record that reflects being self-motivated and a self-starter as this position requires the ability to work independently and to be able to utilize critical thinking skills to resolve problems and be creative to meet the best interests of all parties involved.

o    Must be able to demonstrate ability to be flexible and adaptable to all levels of any organization in network to leverage effective relationships and ensure mutual goals are accomplished.

o    Provide analytical assistance on special projects for the executive committee.



Ø  Retail Statistics Processing:

o    The SSA is responsible for the accurate and timely collection and reporting of HCMA retail activity which includes the following: 

·         The SSA will assist Sales Support Representatives with the inputting of retail activity into the reporting system, tracking down correct discounts, working closely with MIS, Warranty and Accounting.

§  The retail processing also includes determining dealer and salesperson standings and reconciling corporate incentive programs, as well as the communications and payout requests regarding salesperson incentive standings.

·         The SSA is responsible for the distribution of company and industry shipment, inventory and retail data to Management (US and Japan), Regional Business Managers and Sales Support Reps, as well as Dealer Management (customized to their specific sales areas). 

·         The SSA will work with the Assistant Sales Manager, Sales and Managing Director in providing monthly forecast market data to Japan.

o    The SSA will be the HCMA company representative to statistical committee activities conducted by the trade association (AEM). 

·         The SSA is responsible for accurate and timely reporting of all HCMA dealer inventory, wholesale shipments and retail activity to the trade association and the processing (compilation and distribution) of these industry statistics (market data) from the trade association to various areas of the Company.

·         The SSA will communicate the Company position on trade association’s proposals on statistics issues and will report any results of such issues back to the Company in an appropriate format. 

·         The SSA is responsible for maintaining AEM model charts, manufacturer data tables (dealer territory alignments, model data changes, etc.)  This participation may require out of town travel and stay.

·         AEM Partnership Performance Criteria:

§  AEM Report Card for attendance, participation, accuracy and timeliness


Ø  Sales Management Data Support


o    The SSA may support the Sales Manager and Regional Business Manager in communications (market statistics, etc.) with dealers and customers. 

·         EDA (UCC) Data Administrator: 

§  The SSA is responsible for the administration of Equipment Data’s “EDA Online” administration and “Catapult” marketing tool, supporting the users, maintaining individual territory alignments and providing UCC data/reports as needed.

  • HCMA Dealer Territory Alignment
    • The SSA is responsible for keeping track of all dealer territory alignment by county, by RBM, etc.  SSA supplies market share data, territory maps, UCC data, machine population data and sets up the territory in FlexGen, EDA (UCC data), Excel, Access, etc.



Ø  Additional Sales Support Admin Duties


o    Off Site Customer and Dealer Event Participation –

    • The MC may be requested to attend Dealer Meeting, Sales Meetings, and Dealer Manager Meetings from time to time.  This may require out of town travel and stay.  Duties at the meeting will vary depending on the scope and content of the meeting, but will generally fall into coordination and reception activities.