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Company Profile
2018 Hitachi Construction Machinery (HCM) begins operations as Hitachi Construction Machinery Loaders America Inc. and introduces a new Executive Management Team. HCM announces the relocation of the Kennesaw Corporate Office, administrative and support services to Newnan, Georgia alongside the Newnan manufacturing facility. HCM announced the intent to sell and service Hitachi brand wheel loaders, transitioning the product brand from KCM to HITACHI. HCM wheel loaders will be manufactured in Banshu, Japan, Ryugasaki, Japan, and Newnan, Georgia.
2017 KCMA introduces HITACHI wheel loaders to the Canadian market being sold and supported through Wajax Equipment.
KCMA Rebrands their Kawasaki-KCM Wheel Loader line to KCM brand.
KCMA Introduces Two New Compact Loaders, the 30ZV-2 and 40ZV-2.
2015 Hitachi Construction Machinery buys 100% of KCM Corporation stock.
2012-2015 Z7 Model Introduction - Tier 4
2011 Kawasaki Introduces Two New Compact Loaders.
2009 Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd. announced a new independent Division, KCM Corporation, headquartered in the former Kawasaki Banshu Works, Kobe, Japan. KCMJ Corporation, the Japanese domestic sales company, and KCMA Corporation, the American sales and manufacturing company, are 100% owned subsidiary companies. KCMA Corporation, formerly known as Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp. of America, will continue to manufacture and sell Kawasaki branded construction machinery in the North and South American markets. The KCMA Corporation corporate offices, parts warehouse, and rebuild center will remain in Kennesaw, Georgia, and the manufacturing facility will remain in Newnan, Georgia.
2006-2008 ZV-2 Model Introduction - Tier III
2002-2004 ZV Model Introduction - Tier II
2001 Kawasaki Introduces the 12.8 cu yard machine (135ZIV-2).
2000 Kennesaw, Georgia Corporate Office, Parts Distribution and Rebuild Center completes expansion.
1998 Newnan, Georgia facility completes expansion.
1997 Kawasaki Loaders Inc. and Kawasaki Loaders Manufacturing, USA merge, creating Kawasaki Construction Machinery Corp. of America. New ZIV-2 Model Introduction (Tier I Emission Compliant).
1996 Kawasaki introduces their first integrated tool carrier (65TM).
1995 ZIV Model Introduction
1993 Kawasaki Loaders Inc. Corporate Office moves to Kennesaw, Georgia. The new facility includes a training center and a component rebuild center.
1991 Kawasaki Loaders, Inc. moves to a larger facility in Marietta, Georgia.
1990 ZIII Model Introduction - Total redesign of loaders.
1988 Kawasaki builds a manufacturing plant in Newnan, Georgia.
1987 Kawasaki Loaders Manufacturing Corporation was established.
1982 Kawasaki builds first parts depot with 24 hour shipping.
1981 Kawasaki Loaders Inc. was established to market loaders in North America.